Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pro se Administrative Appeal Continues

Rev. Dowell's Pro se Administrative Appeals remain pending against Howard County and The First Baptist Church of Guilford (1) on Judicial Review in the Circuit Court of Howard County and (2) she has taken an immediate issue that is presently before the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis, Md., staying the Judicial Review of Howard County's actions and their lack of appropriate action during their zoning proceedings.

Advocacy campaigns to affect change would benefit more people, if the news media were more responsive to report these events. It appears to be an attempt to keep like-minded people from knowing they are not alone in their same or similar fight. Moreover, people don't really become involved in a situation that could spillover in their life until it actually does knock on their front door. Until then, I believe they have the mindset that says, "Nothing can bother me so I won't bother nothing." Sound familiar?

The First Baptist Church of Guilford, as far as the citizenry and church members know, are just about ready to put the shovel in the dirt to dig up the foundation. Notice the flattering photograph of their "new building" they have prominantly displayed on their website. Not so. The administrative remedies have not been exhausted in this case. And the law has shown that developers proceed with construction at their own risk, because of the possibility of the zoning case being found invalid by the court. Needless waste of time, money, and energy, when officials and applicants try to circumvent the law and get caught.

Our elected and appointed leaders are not infallible. Unfortunately, I happen to live in a state and county where they act as if they were. Too many of those who are supposed to diligently work to protect, preserve, and defend their constituency are not living up to their assignment. Where they lack accountability, there will always be somebody to stand up for justice somewhere. And even one can make a difference.

I thank God I do not have to stand alone, because the Lord is my Supreme Court.