Friday, June 03, 2005

Alleged Vandalism at FBCG

Has anybody heard about a reported vandalism on the FBCG property on Wednes., June 1, 2005? Please let me know.

This goes to show what lengths FBCG will go to in order to keep me quiet and to get me to stop my advocacy against their efforts to build. An Officer Frederick phoned me at home 4:30 p.m. on June 1, 2005, and asked for me. She asked if I had heard anything about a fire at the church? After I asked what church, she told me, First Baptist Church of Guilford. I told her I hadn't heard anything or seen anything on tv or radio or any news. Then I asked her what was on fire and she told me "A trash can." I asked her why she called me? Then I asked her if anybody at the church gave her my name. She was silent so I asked if it was Wright. She said, "No." Then I told her somebody down there must have given my name. I haven't stepped foot on that property since 1992. I told her Wright had lied on me before and this was an outrage. Somebody at that church has tried to once again lie and implicate me in whatever occurred at that church. I phoned the police department and was told the "Frederick" they had was "Nicole" in the police academy. Later I phoned again and found out from a Sgt. that a reported Dumpster (small fire) and the church van and church bus had windows broken out. Ofcr Frederick never mentioned anything about the windows to me.

I filed a complaint against FBCG (citing the applicable Section 16). To date, neither DPZ nor FBCG, nor the Ofc of Law has responded. In addition, DPZ continues to allow extensions on extensions for FBCG to submit the necessary information for completion of their application. That action is also against the law. However, I am still working on it.

Standing by and listening.