Thursday, July 19, 2007


As of today, this zoning case is still legally alive in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (COSA). The First Baptist Church of Guilford (FBCG) has now moved into a county schoolhouse while their illegal construction continues. Their church members do not know this case is still in litigation -- Administrative Appeal/Judicial Review, which would terminate the church construction. The COSA has set my new appeals date for November 2007. Contact me for more background information. Also, read the story about my false arrest in 1992 by the same church. Stay tuned.

Allen, MI Church- 2007, Woman Arrested

Church Member Arrested in Church, Allen, MI.

Inside churches, inside ministries, inside politics—if it’s happening, it’s here: 2007, More Turmoil in Allen, MI Church- Arrest Made. Charges dropped.