Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Law Makers or Law Breakers?
Maryland Awareness!

The Holy Spirit told me that "There can be no justice where the keepers of justice are, themselves, unjust." -Rev. L. Dowell.


Cronyism, favoritism, and downright, outright evil intentions by perpetrators (i.e., especially in the legal and judicial professions) need not go unaddressed. Newspapers do not want to tell our stories. Family members are probably tired of listening to our complaints. Officials love to pass the buck and hurry us out of their offices. Perpetrators retaliate against us for complaining and label us as being sick, crazy, vindictive, or criminal, even as we work through the system to get justice based on the law and facts. (Don't get tired yet, read on).

Are you fed up with lying legal eagles and keepers of the law who, themselves, break the law? I am. This is for Maryland citizens and others who arrive at this site and understand how crucial it is for legislators to finally protect our rights of due process and equal protection under the law. Here and in all this nation (browse the Net), justice will still cry in pain without redress as long as officials continue to think they are above the law and continue abusing the process with impunity and a lack of accountability.

Most pro se litigants are not in court, because we want to be. For many of us, it comes down to either cracking the law books (mainly the statutes) or else walking away from an obvious abuse (i.e., to everybody but lawmakers who have the authority and expertise to correct it -- but who refuse to do so). We need a voice!

I am hereby announcing my intentions to not feel guilty about pursuing the arm of justice in Howard County, Maryland. Truth and court records give witness to the veracity of
my claims of innocence . Truth will always remain true. And, because I know that truth will always surface no matter how long it might take, I have not slept my equitable right to achieve legal vindication.

To: Rev. John L. Wright, Charles L. Fuller, Esquire, Lillie Price-Wesley, Esquire, and other officers and members of The First Baptist Church of Guilford, Columbia, MD, who remain silent about their lying on me in the Howard County Circuit and District courts and "blaming the victim," (me); and to all those Maryland officials and lawmakers who know about and privately shield all of Wright's public wrongs and help him to use our courthouses to illegally back him up, one day, somebody is going to listen to this ongoing plea and investigate what you have done. When they do that, then justice will have been served.

Herein is my special invitation for any of you to disprove my allegations, in a court of law. And this time, you will be required to file substantiating documents, if you have any. You never gave any to me or to the courts. But, I stand ready knowing that hundreds of unaddressed court records to support my allegations will indict you. And no ethical, Godly, legal professional will dare place their reputation and job on the line to protect you perjurers who obstructed justice, as those aforementioned have done. Truth will not only get me in the door but it will also keep me there. From August 9, 1992 until the truth is fully exposed in this matter, I will continue to maintain my allegations are true, even if the newspapers will not print it and the officials will not investigate it.

Stay tuned.