Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rev. John L. Wright, Pastor, FBCG, Dead

Photo of Headstone taken by:
Rev. LED Dowell

Following many years of warning Rev. John L. Wright, Pastor, FBCG (Columbia, MD) that the Lord was displeased with his disobedience to God's will, he died on January 28, 2010, following the diagnosis of Melanoma.

I attended Rev. Wright's funeral on Friday, February 5, 2010, as a member of the Clergy . It was held at the St. John Baptist Church in Long Reach, Columbia, MD., where Rev. Robert Turner is the Pastor, simply because the FBCG is still meeting in a neighborhood school. Rev. Wright was laid to rest in the FBCG cemetery located not too far from where the church construction bones remain. It is still not completed after years of legal and spiritual conflicts. The Lord's prophetic Word to them was that, "because Wright refused to obey God's will in my life and regarding that church, then watch it die! The church is dead!"

Today, at most, FBCG remains but a shadow of its once notable self, because they deliberately refused -- utterly refused to believe God really speaks today and forever. Even after they conspired to put me out of the church for giving "Thus saith the Lord," many of the parishioners had died unexpectantly. On one Sunday, in particular, even Rev. Wright was taken out of the pulpit and carried to the hospital in an ambulance during the service, when he fell out. What's more, a lot of the parishioners left that church, because they knew Rev. Wright had not told the truth about me.

When Rev. Wright died on January 28, 2010, (the date of my late mother's birthday), the prophetic voice of God which I had delivered to Rev. Wright and the FBCG late 1980s to early 1990s was finally confirmed exactly the way the Lord said it would be, as per much valid prophetic documentation retained on file.

In 1992, Rev. Wright wanted to keep me from sending "What Thus Saith the Lord" to him and to the church body. In order to do that he and others in FBCG conspired together and filed false court documents against me. They had complained to both the Howard County Circuit and District Courts that I wrote a letter threatening his life. But, that never happened and they knew it was not true. Also, neither Rev. Wright nor any FBCG member-attorneys nor officers or members of that church ever presented any such letter whatsoever. And they could not, because Rev. Wright and the church body knew that it was a prophetic letter that the Lord had me to send, and I did send it -- even though Rev. Wright refused to discern it, believe it, or obey it.

In one such prophetic letter the Lord had me to send, the Lord said, "Sheila will see her father lying in his coffin." And, the Lord also said, "Lainie, stand alongside that coffin and see the man, Wright, in his suit of rest." And, among many more, I also wrote that word and delivered it to the Pastor and church in 1992. However, Rev. Wright and the church trustee board and deacon board saw it as a threat from me. However, many of the parishioners and officers who read it or heard about it saw it as a Godly warning and as being true. They had confirmed in their spirits that it was a word of warning sent from the Lord.

Nevertheless, the circuit court never called for their alleged written evidence FBCG said that they had to prove I had "threatened" Rev. Wright's life. Yet, they had never filed anything in court to be entered into the record, as I had petitioned them to do, in order to prove my innocence, which I had maintained throughout that ordeal and still do to this day. The falsely obtained injunction by FBCG to date has not been lifted by the HoCo circuit court since it was filed by the church on August 11, 1992, to keep me out of both the FBCG and the church cemetery (i.e., After Wright was funeralized ("in his suit of rest"), he was buried in the church cemetery on Friday, February 5, 2010), and I was standing there, also. It was a solemn occasion for me, because the hearts of the people still did not understand what had taken place and why.

Rev. Wright went to his grave without ever making any of that entire injustice right with me or with God. Those false charges Rev. Wright and the FBCG trustees conjured up and brought against me on Sunday, August 9, 1992, in the HoCo District Court was all political and their allegations resulted in my being arrested while I attended the church during that Sunday Communion-Worship Service (August 9, 1992). They called the police to the church and, inside of it while Wright was preaching from the podium, they charged me with "criminal trespassing on private property - (i.e., the FBCG)." Those charges were subsequently Nolle Prossed by the District Court of Howard County after many months and thousands of dollars to litigate.

Original court and church documentation are available upon request.

Those documents will substantiate that I was never "excommunicated" by FBCG, as some of the newspaper reports first stated. And all has been fully documented. That charge, too, was based on FBCG perjured court documents, which also prove Rev. Wright never held such a church meeting, as he also told the circuit court to obtain an injunction to keep me out of the church permanently. Rev. Wright had both political and church clout, but he allowed his mind to deceive him into believing that he could do whatever he chose instead of him stopping to hear God's will concerning a matter. Rev. Wright died in his disobedience just as God had said he would do.

The FBCG church died long ago before Rev. Wright because God took His hand away from the Pastor and congregation because of their disobedience and lack of repentance. Too many church people are playing with God and losing out on the fulness of God's blessings. The question is, What does the Lord God say about that church and the people who walk into it? In all things and in all ways, much has been proved true which the Lord has given me to proclaim.

"Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build and unless the Lord keep the city, the watchman lay awake in vain. . . ." Psalm 127:1a KJV

God is real. God is alive. God speaks today as He did yesterday and God shall continue to do so throughout all eternity. No one is exempt from hearing and obeying -- not even the Preacher.