Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Law Makers or Law Breakers?
Maryland Awareness!

The Holy Spirit told me that "There can be no justice where the keepers of justice are, themselves, unjust." -Rev. L. Dowell.


Cronyism, favoritism, and downright, outright evil intentions by perpetrators (i.e., especially in the legal and judicial professions) need not go unaddressed. Newspapers do not want to tell our stories. Family members are probably tired of listening to our complaints. Officials love to pass the buck and hurry us out of their offices. Perpetrators retaliate against us for complaining and label us as being sick, crazy, vindictive, or criminal, even as we work through the system to get justice based on the law and facts. (Don't get tired yet, read on).

Are you fed up with lying legal eagles and keepers of the law who, themselves, break the law? I am. This is for Maryland citizens and others who arrive at this site and understand how crucial it is for legislators to finally protect our rights of due process and equal protection under the law. Here and in all this nation (browse the Net), justice will still cry in pain without redress as long as officials continue to think they are above the law and continue abusing the process with impunity and a lack of accountability.

Most pro se litigants are not in court, because we want to be. For many of us, it comes down to either cracking the law books (mainly the statutes) or else walking away from an obvious abuse (i.e., to everybody but lawmakers who have the authority and expertise to correct it -- but who refuse to do so). We need a voice!

I am hereby announcing my intentions to not feel guilty about pursuing the arm of justice in Howard County, Maryland. Truth and court records give witness to the veracity of
my claims of innocence . Truth will always remain true. And, because I know that truth will always surface no matter how long it might take, I have not slept my equitable right to achieve legal vindication.

To: Rev. John L. Wright, Charles L. Fuller, Esquire, Lillie Price-Wesley, Esquire, and other officers and members of The First Baptist Church of Guilford, Columbia, MD, who remain silent about their lying on me in the Howard County Circuit and District courts and "blaming the victim," (me); and to all those Maryland officials and lawmakers who know about and privately shield all of Wright's public wrongs and help him to use our courthouses to illegally back him up, one day, somebody is going to listen to this ongoing plea and investigate what you have done. When they do that, then justice will have been served.

Herein is my special invitation for any of you to disprove my allegations, in a court of law. And this time, you will be required to file substantiating documents, if you have any. You never gave any to me or to the courts. But, I stand ready knowing that hundreds of unaddressed court records to support my allegations will indict you. And no ethical, Godly, legal professional will dare place their reputation and job on the line to protect you perjurers who obstructed justice, as those aforementioned have done. Truth will not only get me in the door but it will also keep me there. From August 9, 1992 until the truth is fully exposed in this matter, I will continue to maintain my allegations are true, even if the newspapers will not print it and the officials will not investigate it.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

DPZ Grants FBCG ANOTHER Extension!

I just received another letter from HoCo DPZ granting FBCG an extension from July 20, 2005 to September 18, 2005, for the church to get in their SDP originals. This is about the 7th extension and each time DPZ warns that, if the church does not meet the extended deadline their application will be null and void and they will have to file a new application.

What does DPZ think "null and void" mean? The church continues to bluff their way through this process -- and they have not been all that discrete about it, either.

I am trusting in the true and living God to totally pull the covers off of all of this government corruption not only here but throughout this nation. Our local news won't print our stories so we have to continue to tell it ourselves every opportunity that God sends. What is happening in this state and county is outrageous.

But, thanks be to God who gives such peace in the midst of any storm.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dowell Sues HoCoPo

June 1, 2005, the Howard County (Md) Police Department phoned me because FBCG implicated me by name in a recent fire and other vandalism on their church property. Yet the police won't release the report to me that is about me. Thank God, I was not even in Columbia (Md) during the time that alleged "crime" against the church allegedly took place.

On Monday, July 11, 2005, I carried the summons for my lawsuit to the Sheriff's office for them to serve my pro se lawsuit on the hocopo. Has the whole world gone crazy? (rhetorical) Officials (elected and appointed and self-appointed) refuse to obey their own laws. Thanks be to God, I know how to read and to follow His orders.

If that alleged fire at the church is under investigation, then why haven't the hocopo released any information about the "crimes" via their press officers or placed it on their website, as they have done with other "crimes" they are investigating? It appears that every state and county employee needs to know they are getting paid to serve/help the citizens and not themselves and one another exclusively.

This is one Preacher who understands there is a time to practice the art of listening. And there is a time to stand up and speak out to CRY LOUD AND SPARE NOT!

Pending -- Zoning case - Administrative Review in Court of Special Appeals (MD) and Zoning case in the Circuit Court - Judicial Review (re: FBCG and HoCo).

This battle is being fought to the glory of God. He lives! He sees and oversees. He rules and super rules. He reigns and He rains down fire as surely as He is God who showers His beloved with love. God and one is a majority. God is the MAJORITY all by Himself. Take comfort, your battles are already won in Christ Jesus. Rejoice.

Thanking God for His blessed peace and power, in Jesus's name. Amen.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Alleged Vandalism at FBCG

Has anybody heard about a reported vandalism on the FBCG property on Wednes., June 1, 2005? Please let me know.

This goes to show what lengths FBCG will go to in order to keep me quiet and to get me to stop my advocacy against their efforts to build. An Officer Frederick phoned me at home 4:30 p.m. on June 1, 2005, and asked for me. She asked if I had heard anything about a fire at the church? After I asked what church, she told me, First Baptist Church of Guilford. I told her I hadn't heard anything or seen anything on tv or radio or any news. Then I asked her what was on fire and she told me "A trash can." I asked her why she called me? Then I asked her if anybody at the church gave her my name. She was silent so I asked if it was Wright. She said, "No." Then I told her somebody down there must have given my name. I haven't stepped foot on that property since 1992. I told her Wright had lied on me before and this was an outrage. Somebody at that church has tried to once again lie and implicate me in whatever occurred at that church. I phoned the police department and was told the "Frederick" they had was "Nicole" in the police academy. Later I phoned again and found out from a Sgt. that a reported Dumpster (small fire) and the church van and church bus had windows broken out. Ofcr Frederick never mentioned anything about the windows to me.

I filed a complaint against FBCG (citing the applicable Section 16). To date, neither DPZ nor FBCG, nor the Ofc of Law has responded. In addition, DPZ continues to allow extensions on extensions for FBCG to submit the necessary information for completion of their application. That action is also against the law. However, I am still working on it.

Standing by and listening.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Pro se Administrative Appeal Continues

Rev. Dowell's Pro se Administrative Appeals remain pending against Howard County and The First Baptist Church of Guilford (1) on Judicial Review in the Circuit Court of Howard County and (2) she has taken an immediate issue that is presently before the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis, Md., staying the Judicial Review of Howard County's actions and their lack of appropriate action during their zoning proceedings.

Advocacy campaigns to affect change would benefit more people, if the news media were more responsive to report these events. It appears to be an attempt to keep like-minded people from knowing they are not alone in their same or similar fight. Moreover, people don't really become involved in a situation that could spillover in their life until it actually does knock on their front door. Until then, I believe they have the mindset that says, "Nothing can bother me so I won't bother nothing." Sound familiar?

The First Baptist Church of Guilford, as far as the citizenry and church members know, are just about ready to put the shovel in the dirt to dig up the foundation. Notice the flattering photograph of their "new building" they have prominantly displayed on their website. Not so. The administrative remedies have not been exhausted in this case. And the law has shown that developers proceed with construction at their own risk, because of the possibility of the zoning case being found invalid by the court. Needless waste of time, money, and energy, when officials and applicants try to circumvent the law and get caught.

Our elected and appointed leaders are not infallible. Unfortunately, I happen to live in a state and county where they act as if they were. Too many of those who are supposed to diligently work to protect, preserve, and defend their constituency are not living up to their assignment. Where they lack accountability, there will always be somebody to stand up for justice somewhere. And even one can make a difference.

I thank God I do not have to stand alone, because the Lord is my Supreme Court.