Friday, June 27, 2008

First Baptist-Guilford UPDATE!

Unbelievable! Howard County, Maryland, Department of Planning and Zoning and The First Baptist Church of Guilford, broke the law again. They were aided by the circuit court and the court of special appeals to deprive me of the right to a trial on the merit concerning the church's ongoing construction without a legal permit.

After four years pursuing them in the courts, including local and state levels, they dismissed my appeal because the county did not give me a final decision, written or oral. But it was necessary for me to proceed on appeal. There was nothing filed. There was nothing based on the facts and conclusion of law. Instead of the circuit court remanding the case for the county to comply with the law, the court granted the county summary judgement even while my case was pending appeal based on the circuit court's denying my motions (1) for change of venue and (2) for stay pending appeal.

The circuit court had never scheduled a trial on the merit of my lawsuit based on the church's unlawful construction. They had architects and a plumber working on the property who were not licensed to practice in Maryland or anywhere else and I had brought that to their attention. They ignored it and kept digging a great big hole in the ground --- without a building permit in hand and despite the church having been denied at least five (5) times on their conditional use application. The pastor, Rev. John L. Wright, lied (there's no other word besides perjury) when he filed papers early on stating they had not been denied an application within the past 24 months of their new application to build. The documentation proves he did not tell the truth and, if he had, he would never have been able to proceed with construction. But, of course, Howard County already knew that was the case and kept allowing the church to build.

The church subsequently moved to a local schoolhouse for their Sunday services, because the hole in the ground made it dangerous for anybody to come on the property. As it stands, the church obtained millions of dollars more from the bank just this year, without an approved building permit. They expanded the plans far beyond their original intent (which had not been approved) and kept submitting redline plans.

As of this date, the hole is still in the ground and they have not been able to continue to build -- for some reason. We know it is because they disobeyed God's prophetic word He had me to give them many years ago before the start of their plans. Now, whereas most churches start in schoolhouses and go on into their own church building --- this church has ended up from their church building into a schoolhouse with a hole in the center of their church property.

If you want to see that hole and the school service, turn to their site url at
First Baptist Church of Guilford.

I am still pursuing justice in this case.