Thursday, July 14, 2005

DPZ Grants FBCG ANOTHER Extension!

I just received another letter from HoCo DPZ granting FBCG an extension from July 20, 2005 to September 18, 2005, for the church to get in their SDP originals. This is about the 7th extension and each time DPZ warns that, if the church does not meet the extended deadline their application will be null and void and they will have to file a new application.

What does DPZ think "null and void" mean? The church continues to bluff their way through this process -- and they have not been all that discrete about it, either.

I am trusting in the true and living God to totally pull the covers off of all of this government corruption not only here but throughout this nation. Our local news won't print our stories so we have to continue to tell it ourselves every opportunity that God sends. What is happening in this state and county is outrageous.

But, thanks be to God who gives such peace in the midst of any storm.