Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The First Baptist Church of Guilford, located in Howard County, Maryland, (Columbia) was legally denied approval to add on/renovate or build by (1) Board of Appeals, and (2) Hearing Examiner, and (3) Circuit Court Judges (three of them) on review of three separate administrative appeals of the church case. The court records show the church was denied each time and illegally went to the county council to spot zone (rezone) their property. The church continues to engage in illegal, corrupt process despite my numerous letters and legal case law cites to prove Rev. Wright and this county are noncompliant. My administrative appeal against this church is ongoing since 2004, and the county and church are continuing to do everything to use the full force of the law to keep them flaunting it. That is neither of God nor Godly and I cannot understand how any of those perpetrators can sleep at night.

Below is a current account of legal news that our newspapers have refused to report, I believe, because Rev. Wright is involved. Many of the First Baptist Church of Guilford parishioners do not know their church is acting illegally and that I have filed ongoing administrative appeals and judicial review suits against them since 2004, and I have not yet exhausted my right to appellate reviews. Where is the church money coming from and where is it going to? Isn't anybody calling for an objective financial audit of their chruch records, as they continue to rake in money for "construction"?

There is no progress when the ones who are in charge of keeping the law are, themselves, unlawful (based on the court records). And, unless anybody persists and perseveres for the cause of justice, there will be no justice.

Although my administrative appeal against the FBCG rezoning and construction is still ongoing since 2004, to date, no trial has been scheduled on the merits. In 2004, I appealed the circuit court's denial of my motion to grant a stay and motion to change venue during the outset of my petition. In September, the Court of Special Appeals (COSA) ruled my appeal (on the denied motions) was premature and dismissed that appeal. At the same time, the COSA did "Remand (my case to the Howard County Circuit Court) for further proceedings." Instead of doing that, the circuit court dismissed my entire case without taking action on the merits and closed the record even *before* the COSA issued its Mandate in October 2007. At the time, the COSA had *not* dismissed *my entire case* and even stated so in their Mandate.

The circuit court had also done the same thing as the Board of Appeals. Neither of them had provided for the files any mandated final written decision with memorandum of facts and conclusion of law; yet, they both allowed the FBCG to proceed with their illegal (confirmed by the record) zoning plans. Even worse, the circuit court not only had not provided for the file any proper, lawful written decision and order, they also have never notified me in any format that the circuit court had dismissed my administrative appeal and closed my record even while my judicial review in the COSA was still pending receipt of their Mandate. I found that out when I went to the courthouse and reviewed my case file.

*Bottom Line* --
The First Baptist Church of Guilford (Rev. John L. Wright, Pastor) continues with construction of a new church using an illegal process and, as a matter of law, they could be made to discontinue construction and even to tear their whole project down.

The Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning has allowed the church to continue to RedLine/update their same previously rejected 1998 plans even in late 2007! And those plans now reflect an entirely new and sprawling church beyond the originally rejected plans. This is outrageous. It is corrupt. It is fraudulent. It is time for the news to report what is going on; but, to date, even the newspapers have refused to do so. And, as a matter of law, the church and Howard County actions are based on an ongoing unlawful process with impunity and they must be stopped. They must all be held accountable by the courts for knowingly, willfully, and deliberately deceptive practices with regards to this church zoning case.

As of this date (Dec. 26, 2007), I am awaiting a response from the COSA on my Motion for Reconsideration to reverse, vacate, and remand my case to Howard County Circuit Court to comply with the COSA Mandate of October 17, 2006, "Remand for further proceedings." Regardless! They know the record will remain a testimony against them. They may ignore it but they also know that God Himself is not pleased with their disobedience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!